Top 10 Dirty Clothes Basket UK – Laundry Baskets

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JUSTSHENGKUANG Large Foldable Dirty Clothes Basket Fabric Dirty Clothes Storage Sundries Storage Basket Storage Laundry Basket Home storage Color : Gray

JUSTSHENGKUANG - It is portable and easy to fold when not in use, saving a lot of space in your room. Size: unfolded 40x30x60cm, folded 44x33x2. 5cm. A delicate basket can hold clothes, quilts, underwear, etc. The humanized handle design allows you to lift the laundry basket at will.
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2. Engpai

Engpai Floor-to-ceiling bathroom toilet multifunctional drawer type dirty clothes storage basket clothes basket dirty clothes basket bamboo household rack

Engpai - The storage basket can be disassembled and folded for easy placement. 1. 3. 5. 4. The design of mobile drawer saves space. Universal wheel design, easy to move. 2. Clothes can be placed underneath, and daily necessities can be placed on top. The storage surface is fully drained, durable and easy to clean.
Part NumberEngpai-CEDY2W

3. Engpai

Engpai Dirty clothes basket bathroom basket household dirty clothes basket dirty clothes storage basket hotel guest house laundry basket

Engpai - Metal frame, hand-woven, not easy to deform. The edges are polished and smooth, and the texture is soft and does not hurt your hands. Dense weave at the bottom to prevent leakage. 1. 5. Large capacity, clean and breathable. 4. A variety of scenes can be placed freely, which can be used as decoration outside the flowerpot, simple and beautiful. 3. 2.
Part NumberEngpai-CQ0LQS

4. Engpai

Engpai 2 packs one large and one small Household dirty clothes basket with cover dirty clothes storage basket dirty clothes bucket foldable large dirty clothes basket

Engpai - 4. The combination of large and small sizes can store dirty clothes of different capacities, and underwear and outerwear can be placed separately. 5. Design with cover to place dust. It can be folded and stored when not in use, saving space. 3. 2. There are handles on both sides for easy transportation. 1. There is a rope design inside to prevent the box from accidentally turning over to the clothes scattered on the ground.
Part NumberEngpai-V6EA4Y

5. Engpai

Engpai Folding laundry basket household dirty clothes basket bedroom cotton linen dirty clothes storage basket simple laundry basket

Engpai - 2. The car line is tight and strong and has a long service life. 4. 1. 5. Folding design, simple and practical, not taking up space. 3. The edges are polished and smooth, and the texture is soft and does not hurt your hands. The inner lining can be disassembled and cleaned, easy to clean. Cotton and linen fabric, no peculiar smell, breathable.
Part NumberEngpai-Q5T2TJ

6. Engpai

Engpai Wrought iron clothing toy storage basket dirty clothes storage basket bathroom dirty clothes basket laundry basket trash can

Engpai - The metal structure frame is stable and strong, and it is not easy to deform when it is filled with clothes. Mesh hollow design, ventilated and breathable, mildew and moisture proof. Nano paint art, anti-corrosion and anti-rust. Large capacity, many installations, to meet daily storage needs. 3. Universal wheel design, more convenient to move. 2. 5. 4. 1.
Part NumberEngpai-VS18VW

7. Engpai

Engpai 2 pieces Dirty clothes basket wall-mounted dirty clothes basket storage baskets household dirty clothes storage baskets for clothes storage baskets laundry baskets

Engpai - 3. Keep away from the wet ground, easily clean the ground. Easy to install. The capacity is appropriate and does not take up extra space. 1. Strong load-bearing and durable. Polyester mesh cloth, the clothes inside can be seen. 2. 4. 5.
Part NumberEngpai-LSZ40C

8. Engpai

Engpai Dirty clothes storage basket dirty clothes basket household bathroom bedroom large size basket for clothes dirty clothes basket

Engpai - Good flexibility. 1. 3. Simple and beautiful, ventilated and breathable, keep dry. Pp material, thick and durable. 2. Can store toys and can also be used as a laundry basket. 4. There are handles on both sides for easy access. 5.
Part NumberEngpai-WRQAZY

9. Engpai

Engpai Dirty clothes basket rattan-like dirty clothes storage basket woven storage basket sundries clothes basket storage basket

Engpai - Large capacity, you can put more clothes. 5. 1. Handle design, comfortable grip, imitation leather PU surround, easy to carry.4. 2. Firm manual edge banding, more firm fit. Multifunctional storage, can be used as laundry basket, snack basket, sundries basket.3. Use with a wardrobe to store seasonal clothes and make full use of space.
Part NumberEngpai-R1KBLR

10. Engpai

Engpai 2 pieces Household Fabric Large Dirty Clothes Storage Basket Laundry Basket Clothes Basket Dirty Clothes Basket Clothes Basket Clothes Sorting Box

Engpai - 4. Handle design, easy to move. Large-capacity dirty clothes basket, clothes and toys can be stored. 2. It can be folded for storage and placed anywhere. 3. There is a mesh design inside, no bugs interfere. 1. 5. 2 different shapes, placed in different positions.
Part NumberEngpai-4MWZTX